Tales of T-shirts, Designs, and Life

Alice in Wonderland Shirt

An Amazing Shirt! (Especially for Greek Sororities and Fraternities)

May 31, 2012, Posted by Blue Ridge Graphics in

I was doing a bit of fashion t-shirt research for our next Top 10 blog article and I happened upon this little gem by American Apparel. All I can say is Wowwwwww! This is one heck-of-a shirt am I right, or am I right?…or am I right? One of the first thoughts that came to […]

Greek Fraternity Tank Top

Greek Sorority and Fraternity Custom T-shirts, V-Necks, and Tanks

May 29, 2012, Posted by Blue Ridge Graphics in

Get a Quote Here! Here’s a look at some of the most popular garments BRG custom screen prints for Greek sororities and fraternities. Greek T-shirts:  Greek sororities and fraternities, love to use fashion t-shirts for their events like Rush, Bid-Day, and Date Functions. Recently, Comfort Colors, created by Chouinard, have been a huge hit for […]

Solar Anniversary

May 17, 2012, Posted by Blue Ridge Graphics in

  Hello everybody! I’m proud to announce that this month marks the first anniversary of the installation of our Blue Ridge Graphic’s solar panels! Happy Birthday Solar Panels! We are so proud of all 64 little solar buddies who help use screen print custom t-shirts! As the pictures show, they all look great and we […]

The Return of Josh!

May 10, 2012, Posted by Blue Ridge Graphics in

BRG is excited to announce (drum-roll please) The Return of Josh! That’s right ladies and gentlemen, Josh Rosenblatt is back to work at Blue Ridge Graphics, and boy are we glad to have him! For those of you who don’t know, Josh previously worked at BRG deftly managing many of our top music industry and […]

The Top 10 Spring Fashion Garments

Apr 10, 2012, Posted by Blue Ridge Graphics in

Spring is here! The weather is warm, the flowers are blooming, and the screen printing presses are humming…! With the warm weather comes a boatload of new garment styles from all the top apparel and fashion companies around. Below are BRG’s top 10 new styles. Take a look and let us know what you think. […]

Flower-Show Shirt

Philadelphia Flower Show Trip

Mar 29, 2012, Posted by Blue Ridge Graphics in

Continuing my east coast tour of important screen printing and custom t-shirt places (see last article on the Atlantic City ISS screen printing trade show,) I traveled to the lovely city of Philadelphia earlier this month for the Philadelphia Flower Show. Now why would a flower show be such an important place for a custom […]

The Atlantic City Trade Show

Mar 22, 2012, Posted by Blue Ridge Graphics in

I traveled to the great city of Atlantic City this past weekend for the ISS screen printing and custom t-shirts trade show, and boy was it wild! I mean I didn’t gamble, drink, or party a ton, but I did get locked in a Whole Foods before it opened AND find some pretty maternity blanks […]

Painting the Shop Floor

Feb 21, 2012, Posted by Blue Ridge Graphics in

As I’m sure you were able to deduce from the title, BRG has just completed the exciting task of painting the shop floor! This wonderful feat, which occurs about once a century, has resulted in a gorgeous new paint job complete with fresh paint specks to provide that extra colorful kick. Perhaps the coolest thing […]

BRG’s New Year’s Resolutions!

Jan 5, 2012, Posted by Blue Ridge Graphics in

Hope everyone had a fantastic holiday season and a great New Year’s. It’s certainly nice to hang out with the family and talk/think about something besides custom t-shirts and screen printing. Tough way to end the year with UVA losing in bowl game, but hey, we all think they’re heading in the right direction under […]

Blue Ridge Graphic’s Winter Plans

Nov 15, 2011, Posted by Blue Ridge Graphics in

Alright folks, Fall is in full swing and BRG has been busy coming up with new ideas to make you happier and keep you warm through the Winter. Like always, we hope these ideas will teach us more about how we do business in order for us to improve our quality of service and, in […]

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