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Eloise Custom Tote Bags

Sep 18, 2013, Posted by Blue Ridge Graphics in

Is it possible to ever have too many tote bags, Charlottesville? We here at Blue Ridge Graphics certainly don’t think so. Check out these custom totes we just printed for Eloise, a boutique on Charlottesville’s Downtown Mall. Could you get a cuter dog? And the blue ink contrasts nicely with the canvas making these some […]

Copper Fox Distillery T-shirts

Sep 2, 2013, Posted by Blue Ridge Graphics in

I love stylish shirts, and these custom t-shirts we just printed for Copper Fox Distilleries are some stylish shirts, if I’m allowed to boast. The sleek black (or copper) fox on the front immediately catches my attention, and the phrase on the back makes me wish I had some of their gold medal Wasmund Single […]

College Custom Hoodies

Christendom College Hoodies

Aug 18, 2013, Posted by Blue Ridge Graphics in

Check out these hoodies we just printed for Christendom College over in Front Royal, Virginia. They’ve got a classic design representing the school’s Catholic foundation (What Catholics Believe) and a quote from St. Ignatius of Loyola to inspire some school spirit. Of course the hoodies also look like they’ll keep whoever is wearing them plenty […]

SAC Shirt for Christendom College

Aug 13, 2013, Posted by Blue Ridge Graphics in

The Student Activities Council (SAC) members at Christendom College in Front Royal, Virginia will never have to worry about getting lost in the crowd when they wear these bright orange custom t-shirts. These shirts are a great example of attention grabbing (in a good way) spirit wear. Furthermore, with the shirt color, the blazing sun […]

Mineral, VA Blue Grass Festival Shirts

Jul 30, 2013, Posted by Blue Ridge Graphics in

Bluegrass is good, and so are these new t-shirts for the Mineral Bluegrass Music festival. The shirts have a long list of the great bands that performed at Mineral, Virginia this year. The band of canines on the front look like they know how to twang some strings, and I can practically hear the sweet […]

Ladies V-neck Contrast Pockets

Jul 9, 2013, Posted by Blue Ridge Graphics in

If you’re interested in a Ladies V-neck w/ Contrast Pocket, then check out this Etsy shop where you can buy contrast pockets one at a time. They’re stylish and a great price. Bright Design Shirts   Of course once you’ve had the taste of contrast pockets, give us a call and let us make some […]

Contrast Frockets Custom Comfort Colors

Comfort Colors Contrast Pockets!

Jun 28, 2013, Posted by Blue Ridge Graphics in

Blue Ridge Graphics loves Comfort Colors Contrast Pockets! Check out our Contrast Frocket site here! What’s more comforting than one comfort color? Two, in a comfortable contrast! Planning on a cruise down the French Riviera? What about a blue and white combo to pay a little tribute to the French flag? Canoeing down the Shenandoah? […]

Custom Neon Contrast Pockets

Custom Neon Contrast Pockets

Jun 20, 2013, Posted by Blue Ridge Graphics in

Blue Ridge Graphics is teaming up with Contrast Pockets to bring you the finest custom Neon Contrast garments in the world! and yes, it’s absolutely perfect for Greek Sororities and Fraternities! Neons! Get Your Contrast Pocket Neons! Summer is coming in full force, which means its time to put away the pastels of spring and […]

Lynchburg Humane Society t-shirts Saving Lives – Lynchburg VA

May 3, 2013, Posted by Blue Ridge Graphics in

Check out our Lynchburg Page Here     We recently printed these Lynchburg Humane Society T-shirts “Saving lives” t-shirts in Kiwi with Brown ink and Brown with Kiwi ink. Both color combinations turned out great! The Lynchburg Humane Society does great work and we were happy to print their “Saving lives” t-shirts. From Need shirts […]

Larry Keel Turn Up The Banjo Shirts – Lexington VA

Apr 30, 2013, Posted by Blue Ridge Graphics in

Turn Up The Banjo! The brand-new T-shirt design just printed for Larry Keel and Natural Bridge! The shirt features a great one color front print image of a banjo player ( maybe the man himself eh?). If you’re not familiar with Larry Keel and his music and if you want to experience a flatpicking-bluegrass-Virginia sensation, […]

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